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More about Bikablo®?

Bikablo® is a simple way of drawing that clarifies communication and supports dialogues. Also known as 'thinking with the marker'. The bikablo® technique opens the door to the world of visual thinking and dialogue.
Bikablo is a pioneer in visual communication techniques and developed by Martin Hausmann. And has its origins in the tradition of participatory change processes.

Bikablo® training courses, learning opportunities and tools are available for beginners, advanced practitioners and specialists in various fields. Worldwide, we offer a wide selection of learning formats such as live webinars, video courses and classroom training. You can participate in open training programmes or engage us for in-company training for your team.

The benefits of learning with Bikablo®:

  • Bikablo is a proven visual communication technique

  • Bikablo trainings are delivered exclusively by certified trainers around the world who use Bikablo tools, Bikablo techniques and Bikablo didactics.

  • Bikablo has brought benefits to thousands of trainees worldwide who apply it to improve their communication skills in small format, as well as flip charts and noticeboards.

  • Bikablo continues to evolve in application forms and innovative ways of working and is strongly associated with the illustrators and visual reporters of Bildwerk, and the facilitators of the Kommunikatsionslotzen.

  • Bikablo trainings have a minimum size of 7 participants and a maximum size of 16 participants to ensure that everyone gets personal attention at every stage of the training.

  • Bikablo trainings are distinguished by their didactic structure. They are developed in such a way that you gain more and more self-confidence through positive experiences and fun. As a result, you dare to experiment and your skills improve faster.

  • Bikablo trainings ensure that after completing the training, participants feel a sense of satisfaction and confidently say "Yes - I can draw!".

  • Bikablo® Academy

    That Bikablo works is evident from its success; all over the world, people are enthusiastic about the method. A worldwide network of Global Certified Bikablo Trainers has been built up from the Bikablo Akademie in Cologne, Germany.

    From Australia to South Africa, from Germany to Brazil, wherever you are: the Bikablo certified trainers always train people in the same way, according to a proven method. Maaike Borsboom is part of international Certified Bikablo Trainers team.

  • Global Bikablo® community

    Bikablo is a warm community with members all over the world learning from and inspiring each other. In this way, trainers and former participants continue to continuously develop together.  

    Within the Bikablo community:

    • Members share new images and visual methods;

    • Can test and work out working methods, like in a laboratory;

    • Hand-drawn visualisations are created;

    • Meet-ups are organised;

    • Gain special learning experiences.
  • Bikablo® products

    Bikablo 1.0 book
    Bikablo 2.0 book
    UZMO book
    Emotionfigures book
    Bikablo posters book

    With the Bikablo app you always have the world of Bikablo at hand.

  • Bikablo® and Neuland

    During the Bikablo Trainings we work with Neuland's materials, they were developed in collaboration and the materials meet the high standards of visual facilitators.
    With the Bikablo® Basic Training, you receive a Bikablo starter set including Neuland markers. The materials developed by Bikablo can be ordered exclusively from the Neuland webshop. Of course, you can work visually with any type of marker; we simply find these the finest markers.