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Towards better understanding, communication and collaboration

  • Every day you experience more and more discussions and conflicts within the multidisciplinary team, while the project grinds to a halt.....
  • The organization is facing very challenging changes, and you wonder how to get employees on board? 
  • Or do you want the multi-year research to be presented on just one A4 sheet?
  • Situations where you just don't know what a good approach is and what your next step is.

INKSIGHT supports you to gain clarity, insight and overview, so you know how to proceed. Using visual dialogues and visual tools we facilitate this process.

Visual facilitation & visual dialogues, what is the difference?

Visual facilitation is the umbrella term for guiding processes using various visual tools and techniques to support communication and collaboration. Visual dialogues are a specialization within visual facilitation. More explanation below.

Visual dialogues, thinking with the marker

Visual dialogues are meaningful conversations, where what is being discussed is immediately drawn out by INKSIGHT and of course you can also take the marker in hand. As it were, we use the marker and drawings to think. The purpose of visual dialogues is to further explore, investigate the theme at hand.
By sketching out your thoughts together, we can literally look at them and thus explore for ambiguities, connections, missing links and appropriate solutions. So by thinking while drawing you understand what is going on and get ideas that will help you move forward. From the moment there is clarity, you can decide to convert the sketch made into a presentable plate.

What do I get out of visual dialogues?

Sparring partner

"It's not the INK, it is the THINK, that makes a cartoon " said Robert Mankoff, cartoonist of the New Yorker.
INKSIGHT supports the thinking process during your visual dialogue. As an outsider, I ask questions that you may have overlooked. This process stimulates the creativity of you and your team and creates a better mutual understanding. Together, we hone the story and ensure that a visual record fits well in the context in which you want to use it.

Zoom out for an overview

When you're in danger of sinking into the quicksand of complexity, it helps to zoom out. Visualization is a great tool for regaining an overview.

Zooming in for insight

Drawings make it easy to zoom in on details. This allows us to discover where things are unclear and unravel knots. This provides new insights and makes the steps still to be taken clear.

Understanding & Involvement

By visualizing, implicit knowledge literally becomes visible to everyone. We find metaphors that everyone can relate to. And thus create a common story. Islets, a cycling platoon, a galaxy ... You name it. The right drawing creates broad understanding and makes people feel involved and heard.

INKSIGHT creates space to explore complex issues in a playful way that challenges you to gain clarity on the topic. This process unlocks the creative thinking and potential of you and the team. And enables the group to understand each other and the problem. We use visualization as a tool to look at your thoughts together so literally. While drawing, talking and asking questions you are challenged to create clarity and gain insight about next steps.