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Bikablo® Advanced Training

Ready to further deepen your Bikablo skills? In this two-day Bikablo Advanced training course, you will discover the various roles within visual working, you will learn new style structures and you will be introduced to visual storytelling and (live) visual reporting.

Content Bikablo® Advanced

Deepen your visualisation skills and develop your own visual style based on your strengths. Learn to visualise even more effectively and confidently, in live situations and beyond.

During the training you will learn new structures for visual storytelling and graphic recording (drawing dialogues), making your drawings even more lively and logical. There is plenty of room to focus on your personal goals, ask questions and connect the dots.

You will learn this in the Bikablo® Advanced Training

Visual Storytelling
  • Tap into your creativity to find forms other than the obvious ones.

  • Create and draw heroes that convey your topic as an exciting story. Develop characters and style characters.
  • Get to know the background and structure of a visual story.

  • Work with frames to concisely get the main scenes of your story.

Graphic Recording
  • Get acquainted with different basic structures of live visual documentation.

  • Summarise live structured dialogues with the "grape technology".

  • Convey the main message of an event in a key visual.

  • Learn how to optimise the preparation and follow-up time of a live event.

Your own style
  • Through feedback from the other participants, discover your strengths and optimise your style.
  • Learn from each other's colour design, examples
  • As someone who hassn't drawn much in his live, I was proud to see my progress after just two days. Thanks Maaike!

    Amir Hossein, scrum master/agile coach at Royal Schiphol Group