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Bikablo® Basics Training

In this two-day Bikablo training course, you will discover that you don't have to be a talent for drawing to express yourself visually. If you know the basics of visual language, you can apply it anytime, anywhere, from A4 to flipchart.

Content Bikablo® Basics Training

Take your first steps in visualisation. You will work with lines, shapes, pictograms and frames. Colours, techniques and handwriting will also be extensively discussed. In addition, we practise drawing under time pressure, so that after the training you will be able to join a meeting or make a visual report at work.

At the end of the training you will apply all new skills in your own poster. Shaping your thoughts is suddenly a lot easier than you thought. You have created a lively, informative poster to be proud of. From now on, you know you can do this.

You will learn this in the Bikablo® Basics Training course

Stick posture and drawing lines

How to make clean, powerful lines

Graphic elements and 'containers'

How do I create arrows, speech balloons and connecting elements from basic shapes?

Objects and symbols

How do I easily create symbols that help clarify my content? What is needed and what can I leave out?


What easy techniques does Bikablo use to draw people, roles, groups and situations?

Colour and space

What are simple and quick techniques to apply colour in such a way that it supports structure?


How do I make my handwriting on the flipchart legible and practically appropriate?

Live visualisation

How can I use step-by-step techniques to live visualise with both text and images?

Poster design

How do I combine all the ingredients (text, symbols, figures and colour) into a visual translation of a given context? How do I design a meaningful poster for my intended audience?

The Bikablo trainer

As a certified Bikablo® global trainer, Maaike Borsboom of INKSIGHT is part of the international Bikablo trainer network. Like no other, she knows how to create a positive environment in which learning and creativity are given full scope. Depending on the group size/type of training, she does the training alone or together with a Bikablo colleague, a true celebration!

As someone who hassn't drawn much in his live, I was proud to see my progress after just two days. Thanks Maaike!

Amir Hossein, scrum master/agile coach at Royal Schiphol Group